Yes I do!  And believe it or not, they are probably the most valuable thing that I sell.   Living in a digital era-  I understand that they are a hot item- but it's important to know that I still place emphasis on prints.   

When you purchase the digital files-  you are actually purchasing the rights to make unlimited prints at any lab of your choosing.  Additionally- all digital purchase include 10 matted prints in a keep sake box. 

 Do you sell the digital files?

You may make your own reprints if you purchase the digital files; otherwise reproduction of any image is a violation of Federal Copyright Law.  This includes taking screen  shots of your images, scanning purchased prints etc.   Hefty fines and possible jail time is a stake.  So please be kind and don't try to steal.   :) 

Can we reprint the pictures?


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Professional photographers run a business. While they love to take pictures and do all they can to create the images their clients are looking for, they are also in it to support their families.  

Professional Photographers made a choice to make their Career out of photography, just like a doctor, accountant or a lawyer. They aren’t just an Average Joe who shoots and burns for extra money on the weekends. Running a business is more than just a 9-5 job. With running the business they also have to keep their business in good standing with state and federal, filing taxes (monthly, quarterly), having insurance, the list can go on for the back side of the photography business.

Additionally Professional photographers continually educate themselves by becoming certified, going to workshops, joining professional organizations, etc. They attend seminars and conferences led by industry leaders. None of this is free – a single weekend photography workshop can cost over $1,000.

I hope that helps explain a little. 

•Why do professional photographers charge so much?  Can you lower your price?


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Unfortunately -  being that I am also a wedding photographer, weekends are typically reserved for weddings, so they may be hard to come by.    

That said-  if you reach out and book your session with enough advanced notice- I'm confident that we can find a day during the week that we can make work for everyone.   

When I schedule sessions-  I don't overbook myself, giving me wiggle room for the possibility of needing to reschedule for inclement weather, and that also allows me to provide the very best customer service possible.  

Thanks for understanding! 

•Can we schedule our session on a weekend? 

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Nope! I'm a photographer who specializes in only two areas of photography: Seniors and Weddings. Ever hear of the quote: "Jack of all trades, Master of none"?   

Therefore I place all my emphasis on learning everything I can about senior photography and weddings.   

However, one of my besties is also a photographer!  And an awesome one at that!  Although she specializes in Newborn/Birth photography-  Families come right along with that genre!   I'd encourage you to reach out to her.   

With all the family photographers in the area-  Erin is not only amazing at what she does-  she is also runs a legit photography business and is focused on providing awesome customer service and quality imagery.  

•Do you also photograph families, kids etc?

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Birth, Newborns, Maternity, familes








thank you!

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